Share an email from anywhere

Tired of forwarding emails to Slack or copying everyone in, just so you could share a message with others?

There’s a better way.

  • 1
    Send us an email

    Send or forward an email to

  • 2
    Wait for a reply

    We’ll send you back a permalink to your email

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    That's it!

    Copy the link and share it with the world!

Frequently asked questions

How long will my link stay active?

Each link will be active for 48 hours. After this, we’ll send a tiny gnome to wipe it off clean.

I made a spelling error in my email. Can I edit it after it’s sent?

Nope. It’s email. After you send it, it’s kind of written in stone. You can always ignore it and send another one.

I lost a link to my email, can you send it again?

Nope. We can’t resend any links, but you can always forward the same email again!

Do you offer anything like custom branding, password protection, unicorns or cookies?

Not yet. If you’re interested in additional features, you may want to give us a shout about what you need.

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